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Who are we?

The driving force behind MAM is Dr Frank Smithuis, former director of Medecins sans Frontieres Myanmar and a long-term veteran in health activities in Myanmar together with 3 former colleagues. Dr Khin Zarli Aye, Dr NiNi Tun and Rene Mous. In addition, a number of health professionals who have been involved in health activities in Myanmar are supporting MAM including Professor Nick White (Oxford and Mahidol University), Dr Alex Winkler (former director of MSF Holland, currently director Doctors for Children and Guy Stallworthy (former director PSI Myanmar, currently working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Ni Ni Tun

Ni Ni has had a variety of responsibilities, first as a clinical doctor, later as clinic team leader, supervising 50 clinic staff and after that as national clinical HIV coordinator. 
She oversees and supervises approximately 50 national doctors involved with HIV clinical medicine in the largest AIDS treatment program in the country.

Dr Ni Ni Tun is one of the most experienced doctors in treating AIDS patients in the country. She also advises other organisations in Myanmar involved with the diagnoses and treatment of AIDS patients. Ni Ni supervises the quality of the medical activities and medical training of health staff.


November 2008. Dr Ni Ni Tun (L) and the patient (R), who is being treated with ART. Dr Ni Ni Tun gave her five intraocular ganciclovir injections in the left eye. The vision in her left eye remained intact. Dr Ni Ni Tun provided more than 500 patients with intraocular injections that prevented blindness.

Frank Smithuis


Frank has worked for 20 years in South East Asia, first as a clinical doctor in a Cambodian refugee camp (1988-1992), than as project coordinator in West Cambodia (1993-1994), and later as medical and general director for MSF in Myanmar (1994-2009).

In Myanmar, he built up the largest medical programme of MSF in the world, with over 10 million patient consultations. In 2005 he received a PhD for Malaria research in Myanmar.

Frank is the general director, overseeing the project activities, fundraising and financial management and he will also be responsible for external communication.

Rene Mous


Rene has a financial degree and has extensive financial experience in the Netherlands and in third world countries.

Later he specialised in logistics & supply chain management. Rene was responsible for finance and logistics for 6 years with MSF in Myanmar (2000-2006). In September 2009 he moved from being Logistical Advisor in MSF HQ in Amsterdam to Yangon, Myanmar as Resource Coordinator for Medical Action. Rene is responsible for the logistical support of all operations and for all financial management, including financial reporting to donors.

Khin Zarli Aye

Khin Zarli Aye

Zarli has worked for MSF since 2002. She had a variety of responsibilities; first as clinical doctor, later as clinic team leader and finally as national staff medical coordinator. In 2008 she began training for a Master in Public Health that she completed in April 2009. Zarli coordinates all business in support of the operations, including human resource management, project implementation and monitoring the resources and output.


Child in Feeding Centre


November 2006, Yangon. Woman, 25 years with CMV retinitis in both eyes, already blind in the right eye and with infection and threatening blindness in left eye.