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What does MAM do?

People in Myanmar have very limited access to medical aid. The poor regions in particular have few to no health services and we want to solve this issue. We are trying to tackle the problems by setting up a network of clinics in which basic medical aid is provided. In order to be cost efficient, the aim is to work on a large scale. Besides medical treatment, our organization also focuses on preventative education. However, in cases of malaria and tuberculosis prevention is not needed due to the fact that treatment helps reducing the spread of the virus. Therefore, mostly HIV prevention is provided. This takes form in activities like condom and needle distribution and the treatment of sexual transmittable diseases. To further prevent the spread of HIV, we treat pregnant HIV + women in order to keep the disease away from their unborn babies. For people with insufficient funds, all medical services will be free. For others, some medical services will be charged. This will clear money for additional patients and encourage personal responsibility.


The aim is to work on a large scale to deal with a significant proportion of the largely unmet needs. This is the most (cost-) effective way to save many lives and it is possible if many small and large donors support us.