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To prevent and treat AIDS, Medical Action Myanmar aims to have a one-stop service where all services including testing, counselling, treatment and support for food and transport fees are provided the same day to improve compliance and make it possible for the patient to live a normal life and return to their job. In 2013, Of 1719 patients who started treatment, 1467 were still on treatment and 74 patients were referred to a treatment centre closer to home (90% still on treatment). 97 patient died over the past 5 years (5.6%), all of them had a low baseline CD4 count (<100, an indication of severe disease) and 81 patients were lost to follow up. 90% of patients who were still on treatment were fit enough to resume daily activities or return to work. These treatment results compare very well to other projects in 3rd world countries. We believe that the low number of deaths and treatment failures is a reflection of the quality care package we give. Next to good clinical management we provide travel expenses and food for 6 months when patients cannot yet return to work. Patients who are very sick or who live far away can temporarily stay in the MAM guesthouse, which we built nearby the clinic. These financial and social issues can have a detrimental effect on treatment compliance (like patients selling their medicines to solve urgent financial problems). MAM also has a special treatment for HIV+ pregnant women. These treatments saves their lives, which makes them able to take care of their children, but it also prevents the spread of HIV to their unborn babies. After their baby is born, they are in the program for up to 1, 5 year to make sure their medical and nutritional status stays in balance.

HIV patient