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Children under 5 years, severe malnutrition and general health

Children with acute severe malnutrition are extremely vulnerable for infections and death (50% mortality rate) and need treatment as soon as possible. Tuberculosis is one of the main reasons of child malnutrition. With the help of therapeutic feeding and tuberculosis treatment, we are able to increase their life expectancy to 90%. Luckily, most of the time a child progresses well after one treatment and does not need to come back for repetition of the treatment. Children under 5 years old are also most vulnerable to infections as dengue, cholera, measles and pneumonia. In rural slums, where infectious diseases are rampant, high mortality rates are a fact. All children that come to the clinic with severe malnutrition and/or infectious diseases receive therapeutic feeding and medical treatment. Some children, who are moderately malnourished, receive a supplementary feeding package to prevent severe malnutrition.

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Child in feeding centre