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Reproductive health and sexual transmitted diseases (STD)

Some people are at a high risk of becoming infected with reproductive tract infections (RTIs) including STDs and HIV. RTIs facilitate the transmission of HIV and it is therefore even more essential to prevent them through the use of condoms. As many women and to a lesser extent men with STI have no symptoms, and persons without symptoms do not seek treatment, clinic-based STI management should be combined with active regular screening and treatment of high-risk people. MAM clinics will provide STI screening and treatment. In order to reach the large group of a-symptomatic STI carriers, people at high risk (female sex workers and homosexuals) will be invited to come for monthly clinic visits for STI screening. To convince people who are at high risk, but who have no complaints, to come to the clinic, a good relationship between the health provider and high-risk persons, including brothel owners, is essential. MAM tries to set up such relationships to ensure regular infection screening.

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Screening and treatment