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The relationship between the donors, the patients & the staff


Most people are willing to help others in serious need if they know that the support that they give will go directly to those individuals most in need. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve in the 3rd world. The distance between the donor and the patient in need is too far. And it is administratively too costly to inform each and every private donor in detail how specifically their money has been spent.

Therefore people who want to help others in the third world have to rely - blindly - on organisations that work there. This discourages many people from giving, as they are not sure what these organisations do with their money. And from experience we can say that – at times – donor money is not well monitored and that the money does not always reach the people it was intended for.

Donors want to know whom they are providing assistance too and what is being done with their money. Medical Action Myanmar wants to bring donors, staff and the patients closer together. This will enable donors have a sense of ownership over the activities they are supporting and ideally, responsibility for the success and future of these activities/patients. To do that we will try the following;

a) Medical Action Myanmar will group donors to provide a specific area of support and will inform them as to how their funding has been spent. Ideally a group of donors would be responsible for one group of patients or one clinic so that they can get detailed information about how the money has been spent and the achievements of that group or clinic. We will also provide regular updates on our website on how funds have been spent and on the activities and achievements of the various clinics.

b) We will encourage groups of donors to send a representative who could see for him/
herself how the activities are progressing and how funds have been spent.

c) For financial accountability we will have, next to official external auditors, a full time internal group of auditors that will continuously check the funds are been utilised correctly.

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