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Community Health Workers

Aside from medical care in the clinics, MAM supports a network of 450 Community Health Workers (CHW) to provide health care in the most remote villages in North and East Myanmar (Kachin, Kayin, Kayah, Tanintharyi and Mon states). These villages never received any health care services so far and this is the first time that they have a trained health care worker with reliable tests and treatment in their villages. The project started in 2011 originally with the aim to contain artemisinin-resistant malaria. Artemisinin is the last effective drug to treat malaria. Unfortunately, resistance is spreading and common in East Myanmar. This is a major health threat in the world. Intense malaria activities can halt the spread. In 2013 CHW working for MAM tested 73,076 patients for malaria and 7,160 patients tested positive and were treated afterwards. In addition a basic health care package was added to the malaria activities of the community health workers. Up to December 2013 a total of 215 CHW were trained for the diagnosis of the most common diseases (including acute respiratory tract infections, diarrhoea, skin diseases), malnutrition and family planning and they performed 34,666 basic health care consultations. In 2014 we are aiming for an increase of CHW from 450 to 900 and train all CHW to be able to manage the basic health care package. Early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, a common and deadly disease, will be added to the package.

Medical Action Myanmar

Child in Kayan state, Myanmar